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Autosurf Websyndic

My bonus program for my referrals!
All my old and future referrals will have 50% refback (check the rainbow tips about sites added in my program) at end of the year. Thats mean if i have 100$ income from site because you are mine referral, ill send to you 50$.
All payments will be based on last year's statistic and will be finished on January.
If you want your bonus payments you must send me email to with next information:
YOUR USERNAME and about what site is registered.
YOUR EMAIL - ill send you copy of my statistic, when i pay you.
PREFERED PORTFOLIO and EMAIL/ID for transaction (SolidTrustPay (ID), PayPal (EMAIL) ot Neteller (EMAIL)). Ill pay taxes for sending.
After i check are you real referral on selected site, ill add you in my database for payments and ill send you e-mail with confirmation.


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